Cat Tricks Training

How to Teach Your Cat to Do Tricks?

Cats, by nature, are very independent minded animals. So, taking this into account, training one to do what YOU want it to do, will teach you to be creative and tricky minded! Lets see how below:

1. Favourite treat.
Firstly, get your cat its favourite treat (as an example are Daisy Blue favourite treats are chewy cat sticks).

2. Simple commands
Start with a simple command like "give a paw" and then get to something more complex like "roll".

I have taught Daisy Blue for a few months to do several tricks. During the training I realised that she does not like long commands, but something easy like “Paw” rather then “Please give me you paw” or “Sit” instead of “Sit down kitty”,  “Down” – rather than of “Lie Down sweetheart”.

3. How to give a command?
Say your cat’s name and then give a command "Paw" to attract its attention.
Then take his/her paw and give a treat.

Try not to overdo it, as your cat will get bored and eventually will associate this with a negative thought and will start avoiding you ...

Watch my YouTube Videos "How to train your cat to do tricks"   

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