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Welcome to our homemade toys page.

Not so long ago, we made a video for our YouTube Channel showing how to make a catnip mouse toy at home. We received a lot of positive feedback from friends on Google+ and decided to make a range toys and opened up an online shop on Etsy.

Choosing a name was not easy...after long thought we came up with "Crafts4Cats" which seems to describe what we offer in one short phrase. 

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Catnip Pouch Kisses

Catnip Paws & Kisses pouch is a combination of bells, soft felt, and strong cotton. This colourful pouch is filled with soft toy batting and a generous portion of natural catnip.

Hand cut and machine sewn with double stitch for strength. Both sides of this toy are made of two different colourful skull pattern prints. 

Approximately 5 inches (13cm) high, and 3.5 inches (9.5cm) wide excluding feathers.

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Halloween pouches

This catnip filled cat toy is one of the upcoming series of Halloween pouches soon available on our store. We do strongly recommend to order at least 2-3 weeks (if you live in USA) and a week (if you live in EU) before the Halloween to make sure that the tor will come in time for celebration. 


Hand cut and machine sewn with double stitch for strength. One side of this toy is made of colourful skull pattern print and one solid orange canvas fabrics with our "Handmade Crafts" label attached on one side. 

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A perfect Halloween doll :) imagine that this is one of your irritating neighbors and give it to you cat to play with.

Seriously, this quirky dolly was inspired by Indiana Jones films and is a perfect for every mischievous puss cat. It's filled with high quality catnip...

... and here is Jax our Happy Customer

Also watch Jax playing with the doll here

          Watch DIY Cat Toys 'Herbert' Tutorial

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